Well pump cover and Solar lighthouse installation instructions

Stake and tab assembly


1.  Locate the 4 long perforated metal strips inside the bottom of the lighthouse well pump cover. Fold the perforated metal strips out so they look like the picture above. Each strip will extend approx. 2 inches from the side of the base.

2.  Also inside the lighthouse well pump cover there are four 6″ wire stakes taped to the metal stem

3. Remove the stakes from the stem.  Push the wire stakes through 2 of the holes in the perforated metal strip, and into the ground. Repeat this step for each strip.


Solar light assembly


3.  Slip the plastic stem into the hole at the top of the lighthouse well pump cover. Twist back and forth while pushing down if necessary.

4.  Slip the solar path light and stem through the hole at the top of the lighthouse well pump cover.

5.  There is a small On/Off switch next to the battery cover. The switch needs to be in the On position for the solar light to work properly. The switch is flipped to OFF to keep the solar light off during shipping.  Click the following link for more information about the solar path light.