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Handmade wood products

Wood lighthouses

Wooden lawn and garden lighthouse & solar light installation instructions.

Metal strip and stake assembly

How to mount lighthouse to ground
1.  Locate the two longest perforated metal strips inside the bottom of the lighthouse. Fold the perforated metal strips out so they look like the picture above. Each strip will extend approx. 2 inches from the side of the base.

2.  Also inside the lighthouse there are two 8" wire stakes taped to the black solar light post. Remove the stakes from the post.  Push the long end of the 8" wire stake through any of the holes in the perforated metal strip and into the ground. Repeat this step for the other stake on the oppostie side of the lighthouse.

Solar light assembly

Solar light assembly
3.  Screw the threaded end of the black solar light post into the threaded stem at the bottom of the solar light.

4.  Slip the assembled solar light and stem through the hole at the top of the lighthouse.

5.  Don't forget to pull the small green tab out of the battery compartment. It isn't necessary to remove the battery compartment cover. For more information about the solar light please click the following link.. SOLAR LIGHT INFO

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